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This Sunday, Morgan Freeman and a lot of Hollywood A-listers will roll up to the 89th Academy Awards in a fleet of jet-black Tesla Model S and X cars, because as much as the business wishes to show it can make an affordable electrical car, it cannot assist its credibility for being glamorous AF. Freeman is the sole investor in Motev, an all-Tesla limo service start-up that currently boasts a fleet of 4 Design S and 7 Model X Teslas, total with smooth black paint tasks, leather interiors, and yeah, the P90D Ludicrous speed upgrade.

” It’s the brand-new Apple item, the brand-new in-thing,” Robert Gaskill, Motev founder, stated in an interview with Quick Business published Thursday. “You belong to a special club.”

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Tesla may be preparing to introduce the Design 3 as an economical, $35,000 entry into the electric vehicle market, but Motev shows the company still commands regard in the high-end arena. It’s where Tesla initially got its footing, when the two-seat Roadster rolled out with a $109,000 asking price in 2008. The business is anticipated to release a next-generation Roadster in 2019.

And stars like Tesla. Ben Affleck, Cameron Diaz, and Will Smith are just some of the A-list actors that own one of the electric cars. Starlet Alyssa Milano, actor Tyler Case, and manufacturer Cole Plante have all paid fan service to Elon Musk through Twitter. Morgan Freeman, who owns a Signature Design S, has actually stated he’s a “substantial fan” of Musk which “he’s got the most incredibly forward thinking concepts about where we can go technologically.”

Most people want a Tesla,” Gaskill stated. “They enjoy the idea– it’s all electric, absolutely no emissions, and it’s great for the environment.”

But Motev has actually added a variety of high-end additionals to its Teslas. For the $80 per hour asking price, cars feature mineral water, cooled towels and aromatherapy oils. The drivers use tailored suits and receive Red Cross training. There’s even a choice of tools, like breath fresheners and security pins, aimed at strutting out onto the red carpet flawlessly.